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Find candidates
Search Torre’s talent database or post your opening

  • Cross-post to 50+ boards/sources
  • For employees, interns, freelancers
  • Automated and gamified referrals
Screening and ranking
Screening and ranking
Best-in-class AI-matchmaking with your personalized criteria

  • Candidate-to-team matching
  • Patented AI with 30+ touchpoints
  • Enriched candidate curricula vitae
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Managed recruiting
Managed recruiting
End-to-end remote talent recruiting for 5% commission on annual salary

  • Dedicated recruiting advisor
  • Guaranteed results
  • Remote-friendly
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Reduce talent churn by 70%†

Talent and opportunities matched by Torre pass the test of time. Torre predicts talent-fit and success faster and better than human beings. How? Torre is the result of decades of research and holds patents in artificial intelligence, behavioral design, work psychology, and market liquidity.
† After 90 days of hiring compared to other platforms. Self-reported by Torre users by Jun 10, 2019.

Attract 5x more candidates†

Torre gives you new and superior marketing and branding tools:

• Let candidates signal you (follow you) for future opportunities
• Showcase members of your team on all openings
• Showcase testimonials from current members of your team
• Let members of your team build a following, too
† Compared to previous recruiting processes outside Torre. Self-reported by Torre users by Jun 10, 2019.

Increase referrals by 2x†

More than half of hires are due to referrals*. Torre gamifies and automates referrals. Adopting gamification techniques, Torre uses intrinsic motivators to let your colleagues and network compete. Using automation, Torre identifies referred candidates and shows them to you.
† Compared to previous recruiting processes outside Torre. Self-reported by Torre users by Jun 10, 2019.
* Sources of Hire 2018: Where the Candidate Journey Begins (SilkRoad)

Cultural fit down to a science

Torre's artificial intelligence matches candidates with your team by analyzing 30+ factors†. They include skills, development interests, experience, personality traits, values, professional reputation, growth speed, location, influencers, and many more.
† Patent pending.

Reduce screening time by up to 90%†

Torre ranks candidates so that you can review the best ones first. You don't have to review all candidates. Candidates are taught not to expect a rejection letter from you. It's a Tinder-like experience. Ranking criteria include skills, verified experiences, development interests, professional reputation, location, and more.
† Compared to previous recruiting processes outside Torre. Self-reported by Torre users by Jun 10, 2019.

Automatically engage candidates

Torre invented the 'signal'  concept . Candidates can signal you to show they’ll consider working with you in the future. When you next post a new, relevant opportunity, Torre automatically notifies them. You can also signal them back and access your list of signals anytime.
† Patent pending.

Increase candidate satisfaction to 98%†

You won't hire every candidate. Torre still provides those you don't with a worthwhile experience by:

• Letting them know how they rank compared to others
• Giving them updates on the process
† As reported by Torre users by Jun 10, 2019.


Finding employees, freelancers, and interns
Source talent from Torre's database
Remote friendly
Automatically reach millions of candidates
Manage your pipeline with specialized recruiting software
Let Torre do the recruiting for you
Support by recruiting advisors
AI-powered matching and ranking
Automagical ranking of candidates powered by AI
Candidate-to-team matching
A score for cultural fit
Multidimensional matching:
Personality traits
Compensation expectations
Professional reputation
Patented technology (seven and counting)
Tinder-like candidate reviewing and matching
Automated candidate engagement
Let candidates signal you (follow you) for future opportunities
Automatic notifications to your signalers (followers)
Automatic notifications to candidates who have applied before
Increase the satisfaction levels of unsuccessful candidates
Torre exposes unsuccessful candidates to other opportunities
Next-gen recruiting, marketing, and branding
Showcase members of your team
Showcase testimonials from current members of your team
Let members of your team build a following
Optional careers page
Optional team pages (coming soon)
Referral maximization
Automated referrals
Gamification of referrals
Reach candidates who are secretly looking for a new job
Offer referral bounties (coming soon)
Search engine optimization
Optional automatic distribution of your opening to popular job boards
SEO-optimized job posting
SEO-optimized careers page
Reliable verification and testing
Crowdsourced verification of candidates' experience
Automatic requisition of references and recommendations
Add tests from the Torre Test Marketplace (coming soon)
Automated reference checks (coming soon)
Team collaboration
Build lists of people you'd like to work with and share them
Define and write job openings with your team
Coming soon: manual and automated score cards
Candidate reviewing with your team
And more...
Quick, private messaging
Integration with popular ATS's (optional)
Trello-styled customized pipeline
Detailed stats
Video answers (coming soon)
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Torre Managed
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As a professional, Maria Emma Torrenegra was discriminated against for being a woman. She is the inspiration behind Torre and our pursuit of fairness and equality for all.

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